Hey Beautiful!

Hey beautiful, the sun said to the moon. The moon replied “you light up my world”. Advertisements

Debt Of Honour- Tom Clancy

766 pages, 47 chapters later and I’m finally done with it.  Let me say this ” Tom Clancy is a wizard at writing novels”. He’s like the Harry Potter of the novel world. One thing i definitely like about his novels (so far I’ve read three) is that touch of continuity . He links up…

Wise Words Wednesday

When you criticise, try to mention where the person is right before mentioning where he is wrong. Always try to give the impression that you have a positive view of him.Dr.Muhammad bin ‘Abd rahman al-arifi

Wise Words Wednesday

live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, leave the rest to God Ronald Reagan

Wise Words Wednesday

The problem with money is that it’ll never be enough, you must have contentment.  إذا ما كنت ذا قلب قنوع If, in your heart, you possess contentment فأنت وما لك الدنيا سواء Then you and those who possess the world are equal Imam Shafi’i


When she rained, i shuddered, took cover, protected myself with a rain-cover. Her dew was always due in the mornings, so clean, so pure and true. Her sunshine,  my favourite. Then i stood tall, proud she’s  mine. Her snow, chilling, freezing, teeth gnashing. And her storm. Damn!. Ravaging, crushing anything in it’s path. Through all…

Wise Words Wednesday

we share the same sun, the same moon, the same star and a whole planet but why can’t we share the same love? let’s pray for a beautiful world. PS: inspired by “hold my hand” by Maher Zain