In light of recent happenings, i feel so compelled to re-blog this. The situation has gone from bad to worse to unbelievable. My sincere thoughts and prayers are with them and every other country facing one crisis or the other.


Through the struggle and the hard times

Through the day and the night time

Through the tears and red eyes

Oh Palestine, my heart beats for you!

It first started as a war termed ethnic cleansing

The Zionist wanted to clear out the Arabs without reason

But the world watched on just like it was another news on their television

Oh Palestine, my heart beats for you!

This war has ravaged Palestine for centuries destroying their land and even their culture. Their population decreases as the months go by and this trend doesn’t look like coming to an end anytime soon. Solely because the so called world leaders are behind Israel’s tyranny supporting them with military training and monetary aid and what’s most annoying is that they keep playing the “self defense” card, portraying Israel as the victim which needs protection, how sad.

If there’s anything I’ve learned is that…

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