Things They Made Me Feel



They made me feel I was the one lacking, I was the one bad, I was the one who couldn’t hold it down for just one second.

They made me feel sad, distant, treated me like an outcast, they said “go home, you have no place here”.

They used me then made me feel worthless, i should have cried but to them my tears would still be worth less.

Then i stopped to think of all these feelings, i said ” maybe they’re right after all”,
But i fought back this thought and i stood in front a mirror staring at my own reflection, I smiled and there and then I knew they lied cause what I saw was perfect, beautiful, black and bold.

You and you alone control the narratives, so no matter what people say about you, you are ultimately the one that decides who you are at the end of the day. So, who are you?

photo credit: black


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  1. Morpheus says:

    Great post! It’s so easy to let others manipulate us (directly and indirectly) into who they want us to be. We have to reassert our control over ourselves, before we can ever hope to change the larger situation (struggle).

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    1. keemweb says:

      Thanks. Wonderful comment, spot on

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