The news of the xenophobic attacks in South Africa has been making headlines in media outlets based in Africa.
From front pages of newspapers to TV screens to radio broadcasts and of course social media platforms. It’s been quite surprising as to how a people go from being accommodating to being hostile in a flash. News first broke out of how Nigerian nationals living in South Africa were killed and how their businesses were destroyed. Being a Nigerian to the bone, this news item really caught my eye and there’s a faction of the populace that have been lobbying for reprisal attacks on the South African companies based in the country, the likes of Mtn, Shoprite, Dstv and others.
But we should really be careful here, the idea of repaying stupidity with stupidity, blood with blood, hatred with hatred should be quickly trashed out.

The Genesis
The issue at hand started when South African citizens decided to take out their anger against the government on the foreign nationals(especially Africans) in the country. Immigrant citizens have been blamed for the high unemployment rocking the country and as such have faced so much hatred from South Africans especially those in low-income residents.
My sincere prayers are that this whole brutality comes to a quick and peaceful end.

” It’s a big place. We can all live together in this world”- Boona Mohammed

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