imageRohingya refugees sit inside their home at a refugee camp in Bangladesh [M P Hossain/Reuters]

cries of a woman being raped in front of her own child. The toddler protests by crying and gets slaughtered by the rapist.

death reported in their thousands as life once sacred is now cheap. Life has become a political affair where lives are decided by a single vote, to die or not to die?

hate flowing freely in the minds of men as Buddhist monks protest the arrival of aid materials from Malaysia saying “No Rohingya”.

silence so deafening my ear drums cringe as the world watches on, just another series on our screens. We download episodes after episodes and watch as the plot goes on.

These are not lines from a horror movie or excerpts from a fictitious novel, it’s real-time happenings. Happening on a daily basis. The word “ethnic cleansing” comes to light again just like the Palestine story.  Where people are ostracized for holding on to their beliefs. when will we learn to leave in peace and harmony irrespective of our unending differences?



PS: for more info

Malaysian ship with aid for Rohingya docks in Myanmar

Who Are the Rohingya and Why Are They Fleeing Myanmar?

‘Hundreds of Rohingyas’ killed in Myanmar crackdown

Rohingya face Myanmar ‘ethnic cleansing’: UN official

Is the world ignoring the plight of the Rohingya?



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