This too shall pass


This Too Shall Pass

“When u are on top of the world,
That is but a fleeting moment
Things change,
Always remember,
“This too shall pass”

When you are in the pit
All nights are followed by day
At your lowest moments,
Remember also,
“This too shall pass”

All external circumstances and material things change
No matter your circumstance,
“This too shall pass”

  When life shovels dirt on you
  All kinds of dirt you can imagine,
  When you fall into a deep dark  well
  And there is no way of an escape,
  Get out by shaking off the dirt
   Take a step up,
   Make each of your trouble a stepping stone,
“everything will soon come to pass”

We can get out of the deepest well, just by not stopping, never give up my friends, “shake it off” and “take a step up”, Never loose hope and put your complete trust in Almighty Allah.

|Bint Mustofaa


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