Blank pages,
blank pages staring at me i stare back lost in thought thinking of time itself and the life of this world.

My thoughts travel far and wide to land still unknown to man, to land which no eye has seen.

A place of perfect rest, so quiet and serene.

A place of luxury, no need for work.

A place of enjoyment, all kinds of food.

Wow! just look at the fruits; pomegranates, cucumber, figs, banana, olive, Indian jujube, grape and date palm.
A delight to the soul but a puzzle to the tongue, for with every bite  comes a different taste.

I stumble and I fall back to earth, still groggy from this reverie.

A dream of this kind is impossible to forget.

“(It will be said to them): ‘Enter therein (Paradise), in peace and security”..Qur’an 15: 45-48



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