YEMEN|Why the silence?

It’s bitterly surprising that a war of this magnitude which has waged on for more than a year(since 2015) has received little attention from the media. Some might say perhaps it’s because it’s still young or cause of the country involved-Yemen.

 A brief background check on this war which has claimed over 11,000 lives(according to UN estimates) and has turned the poorest country in the middle east(Yemen) to a graveyard shows that the war in question is politically inclined and as such there are so many oppositions, coalitions and technicalities that I’ll not bore you with. The major issue at hand is the loss of lives, the lives of innocent civilians. They deserve our mention at the very least and donation for those who can. Let’s not forget to say a little prayer for them cause this can happen to anyone and any country. 


for more information on the war in Yemen–present)


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  1. kutukamus says:

    Money talks, and money ignores—as money wishes


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