Twice Beaten, Twice Shy




Just like the saying goes that “thunder doesn’t strike twice”, well this time it did and  it spoiled the party for Atletico Madrid. Two Uefa champions league final in a space of three years and nothing to show for it.

It started just like any other final with all the hype and frenzy considering the fact that these two sides once faced themselves at the same stage some couple of years back. I was deeply rooting for Atletico madrid to take it and put their madrid neighbors to the sword but that was just another wish. I was immediately woken up from this reverie by the goal from sergio ramos and it looked worse for atletico when griezman miscued his penalty kick, a chance for an equalizer.











Football is a funny game say, it surely is. After facing a tough round of tests in the knockout stages displacing Barcelona and Bayern Munich one would think that perhaps its atletico’s cup to lose and yes they did just that, lose.

They deserved to win, no doubt about that but football is not about who deserves to win but about who wants to win and atletico didn’t want it enough. well, all sad stories or encounters more than not end with “better luck next time”. Maybe, just maybe there will be a next time and perhaps their luck will then shine bright.


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