madrid in city out

It was a really boring game considering the fact that i watched the earlier fixture between Bayern and atletico. Both Madrid and mancity didn’t really entertain the fans(well actually i wasn’t entertained, don’t know about others), the tempo during the match was very low. Truth be told i wanted mancity to go through but their…

O you who seeks glory and strength in this world and its glitter, Know that time comes over every building and builder. And whoever’s glory comes from this world and its glitter, Then soon his glory will fade and will be no longer. Know that the treasures of the earth lie in riches and gold,…


“This is not how we were told it was going to be. Growing up, we were lead to believe that the future was predictable, and if we studied hard, we could obtain the work we wanted in an environment we understood, and we would live happy and successful lives. It hasn’t exactly turned out that…


Don’t think that others have it easy or that the world is against you, everyone is battling with one thing or the other in form of weaknesses, tests, misfortunes. For some people it’s in terms of wealth, some in terms of health, loss of loved ones, some are dealing with bankruptcy. People only show their…

The Start-up of you

Our educational system trains us to memorize facts stored in textbooks and regurgitate them on an exam. This formal philosophy of learning treats education like a fixed asset: learn, then you have it forever! But as a modern professional, you can’t acquire knowledge this way, because the knowledge you need is not static-it’s always changing….


Cobwebs everywhere! 😶 wow! It’s been months, nah, it’s over a year. Wow! During that time, I’ve graduated university and I’m currently undergoing my compulsory 1-year service (National Youth Service Corps-NYSC) in Northern Nigeria; Sokoto State. I’ve missed y’all; poems, articles, fiction and all. Well, I’ve got so much catching-up to do. See ya! 🙂

Wise Words Wednesday

“Don’t worry about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don’t even try.”   Jack Canfield

Wise Words Wednesday

“Live each day as if your life had just begun.” Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Wise Words Wednesday

Mishaps are like knives, that either serve us or cut us, as we grasp them by the blade or by the handle. James Russell Lowell

Blithesome Mood

Blithesome mood Phew! The eerie sound of the nocturnal wind as it laid it’s pangs on my gentle body. Gosh! The loathsome feeling as I anxiously waited for the Queen of the night to speak to me. Arrgh! The painful shivering I endured as the harmattan wind pinned me down on the bed. Haa! Little…

My G.O.A.T

Basically everyone knows the meaning of “G.O.A.T”; from Facebook to Instagram to twitter its been making the rounds for quite some time now. Well, for those who don’t know, G.O.A.T means ” Greatest of all Time”. Thus, ‘my G.O.A.T’ essentially means my best of best in different aspects like; books, lectures, movies, novels, quotes, spoken…